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The Rantings of The Supreme Commander!
Lololol no one likes you. jkjk.
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01 21 11 - Alone

I'm alone.

(( OOC : Due to the me and Rossie's falling out/breaking up, I will be hiding all the old posts and rebooting this. Hopefully with others.))
Waiting for tomorrow

Hell yeah! I am soooo damn sexy.

So. I got this new outfit today.

And aside from the fact that it makes me look kinda more gay than I already am... its pretty fucking sexy.

But yeah, the moment I walked out and showed it to Rossiu, he pulls me back to his room and is all like:

"You, me, bed, now"

So yeeeah needless to say, this suit gives the ultimate power of manliness! 

YES! I am so fucking awesome!

I hear by rename myself:


Bitch check out my new SUIT!
12 21 10 - ...
Just...let me die.


Why do I keep going back and editing this post...?

For the lulz I guess XD

Dear god in heaven... I have been through two of the MOST HORRIBLE weeks of my life.

First of all I have the most wonderful day of my life, then my ex-girlfriend desides to turn evil and try to destory the world. So I decide to try and HELP my city and what do they do? TRY TO FUCKING STONE ME TO DEATH!

So my Rossiu comes up with this idea to trick them by putting me in prison. Well... that backfired. Like... bad.

So the moon is falling and were all gonna die and I'm stuck in prison eating shitty bread with my new best bud Viral.
(Not really, Viral is a jerk.)
Then I manage to get a break and get out. So I fly up in Gurren Lagann, save the earth and push the moon back with my awesomness. Well actually the moon was a giant gunman and I absorbed it, but I like my other story better.

Everything is happy. Rossiu and I are reunited in hot love makings. Then it all goes to shit. We start arguing, then it gets worse.

Oh... side note... that thing I was freaking out about in my last post...well...here:

I proposed. I proposed to Rossiu and he said yes! So yes we ARE engaged! :D

But yeah, we got into a fight about if we should tell everyone. That argument got worse and we ended up almost calling off the wedding all together. Then Rossiu decides to go all emo and try to kill himself. I punched him a little too hard, made his nose bleed and now here I am. In the medical wing on my phone updating my LJ after the shit that is my life.

Ehh... Fuck my life.

Waiting for tomorrow





Don't ask why...


Ask me the day after tomorrow and I'll tell you...

Effin paperwork
12 01 10 - FML
 Today's Musing: Fuck my life...

Goddammit... The Media knows...

I will personally murder EVERY person outside the office building right now.

I swear.

When I find out who did this.

They're dead.

I'm fucking pissed now.

I'm tired of people getting into mine and Rossiu's business.

Just fucking mind your own business you fuckers!

Fuck you
11 27 10 - Fuck you!
Today's musing: SHUT THE FUCK UP! 

This journal is being converted to friends only for any of you stupid bitches dipping in my business.
Fuck off and mind your own business!


I'm over it, you guys all know now anyways...
Fuck you

Today's Musing: Awesome Simon... is tooo damn awesome.

Brick wall smashed!


Completely Obliterated! 

Simon shoots! And he scores big time!

Rossiu and I are... well... errr nevermind the details. Everythings good again. And by good I mean FAN~FREAKIN~TASTIC! 

Damn straight! 

Anywho, Rossiu's home sick today... er...food poisioning...yeah lets say that. 

I'm off for the day, see you guys later~ 


11 24 10 - Urrggghh...
Today's Musing: Stupid Simon is Stupid...

So... life goes on for Supreme Commander Simon.

Yeah... I feel like crap.

Paperwork is not as heavy today.

Is it because of yesterday I wonder.

I feel like things won't be the same between me and Rossiu again. That it'll all just fall apart. Theres a wall there now. And I don't know how to break it down. 

For some reason I found myself actually interested in work today. Maybe some of the stuff Rossiu said is actually getting to me. Maybe I need to grow up.

Ehhh... I'm tired and I want to go home. 

I'll update later if something interesting happens...
Hey, this is my journal... why are you all here?

Today's musing... wtf is up with Rossiu's hair?

Okay, hey, you all know me. I'm your Supreme Commander! Simon! Heeeey everyone. I just thought I'd make this journal to, well, more or less get certain things off my chest if you will. Anyone can read this... I don't care. I will be insulting people here... maybe some not as harsh as others. Just thoughts I have on a day to day basis about certain people I see everyday and have to work with who probably a lot of the times annoy the hell out of me. 


But yeah. Today was slow. 

And by slow... I mean painfully slow. 

All that I ever do is paper work!

When I signed on for this job, I thought I'd be like... a Sheriff or something. Protecting my city and shit. But no! Rossiu has me doing paperwork! I could be out, like, stopping crime or something. But he's like:

"No, that's Kittan and the other's job, these are important Documents that need your attention." 

If they're sooooo damn important, why don't yooooouuu take care of them! I want to do something important! Something awesome! Like Bro! Fftt, dammit give me something other to do than sign papers! Anything! Hell, cleaning the toilets sounds more entertaining then this! He treats me like a royal kid. Yeah, I said it... like he's my mom or something. Constantly nagging about everything I do. 

Calm down Simon... find your happy place! Breath...

Fuuuuuuukkkit! Rossiu and his damn girly ass hair! What is with that? He looks like a chick. Is he like... gay or something? What does Kinon see in him? I'm beginning to wonder if its not all a front, he's pretending to be with her to hide the fact that he's really gay! Ahahaha!

Simon... you are a genius! 

In other news. I'm still not comfortable living with Nia. It's just... different. And I know... you're gonna say "But Simon, haven't you been living with her for seven years?" Yes, but... its just not the same...

I miss Bro... 

-goes off in his emo corner and cries- 

Kamina... ffftt... I wish you were here... ;-;
Ffft fuckin Rossiu
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